Meet Melissa

Melissa PearlI am an indie author who is passionate about the craft of writing. I love every stage of a book’s journey, from conception to final edits. My goal is to write stories that will make a reader laugh, cry and fall in love.

I currently am a stay-at-home-mother and get to write in my spare time. I can honestly say, I’m living the dream. Getting to write and publish my work is a privilege I will be forever grateful for.

A few little facts about me:

  • I am married to someone who can always make me laugh.
  • I have two boys that drive me crazy and make me fall in love every day of the year.
  • I have the world’s best friend.
  • I adore playing the piano, singing until my voice is scratchy and dancing around the room until I’m out of breath.
  • I have a colossal movie collection that I can’t help adding to. I’m a little addicted 🙂
  • My favourite fruit is fresh cherries.
  • I think dipping marshmallows into nutella is the best thing ever!
  • I have a weakness for smiley faces in e-mails and exclamation marks in my writing. I’m working on it 🙂
  • I am inspired by everything around me and will be forever grateful to my maker who has helped me turn my dreams into reality.

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